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In pursuit of leading change with impact driven solutions

Ideate, Innovate, Inspire

About Me

I identify as a polymath which explains why my interests include Public Speaking, Marketing Finance, Tech and Policy- the most improbable mix. 

I wear a few hats-

Computer Science Engineer || Social Entrepreneur at Citta || Resolution Fellow || Functional Analyst at HDFC Bank  || Trained Bharatanatyam Dancer || Trained Hindustani classical singer 


I believe that change starts by empowering the youth of our nation. I have undertaken several endeavors to facilitate this -

I co-founded TEDxVileParle,to facilitate exchange of ideas and to create awareness;

  I have been an active contributor to the Model UN & debating circuit in India;

I was invited by PayTM to host a series of interactive talks to make young India financially literate;

I co-founded NMIMS University's MPSTME Alumni Association (backed by the Dean) with the aim to create a faculty-alumni-student network to design mentorship & scholarship programs for young individuals 

About my work at Citta

I am the Co-founder of Citta, a social venture focused on making mental health more accessible to Indian students. Citta received seed funding from The Resolution Project, a US-based non-profit that supports young social entrepreneurs around the world. For my work at Citta, I received the Diana Award, in the name of the Princess of Wales, the most prestigious award a young person can get for their social and humanitarian work.


About my role at HDFC Bank

I work as a Functional Analyst under the Business Technology Group-Retail banking at HDFC Bank. I work on the implementation of the software development life cycle including stakeholder management, production & end user support and project tracking & updation. I have been working at this organization for over a year and I have been promoted to the position of a Deputy Manager.

My professional board

Here's everything you need to know

 In pursuit of a career that would facilitate the maximum utilization and application of my interpersonal skills, strong cross-functional knowledge and analytical abilities in making a positive difference.

My favorite read

How to win friends and  influence people
By Dale Carnegie

My comfort movie

The pursuit of happyness
By Gabriele Muccino

My go-to podcast 

How stuff works
By Marshall Brian

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